Continuous Power Africa’s products and services set the industry standard in quality, environmental impact and safety. CPA develops storage and monitoring products for the African telecommunication market, reducing cost of ownership and lowering downtime.

LG Chem battery


Continuous Power Africa is the sole distributor of LG Chem batteries into the African telecommunications market. Over the past 2 years CPA has sold over 15,000 units to major operators. LG Chem is an established brand in the market, recognized as a tier one product and currently favored as one of two NMC battery brands sought after by telecoms operators. CPA also designs customized energy storage solutions based on technology selected for the African market.

SAM Hardware rack showing components

Monitoring & SAM Hardware

Continuous Power Africa builds customized SAM (Site Asset Management) hardware and other custom solutions, configured for the African markets. CPA has over 60,000 SAM units deployed throughout Africa — South Africa, Zambia, Kenya, Tanzania, Malawi, Lesotho, DRC, Congo Brazzaville, Niger, Burkina Faso, Nigeria, and Rwanda.

Telecom security container

Security Containers

Continuous Power Africa has partnered with Vikinor to supply security containers that are rugged, robust and durable with leading performance in TCO. By connecting them to IoT and the energy storage and power conversion solutions, CPA can provide efficient use of space and resources, and supply solutions that have a low environmental impact.

EC2000 handheld battery tester

Test & Measurement


The EC2000™is the only handheld, multi-frequency, electrochemical battery analyser on the market using CELScan™ technology. They can report both the electrical (impedance and voltage) and chemical (sulfation and dryout) properties of lead acid batteries (VLA, VRLA, GEL). EC2000™ directly measures capacity loss due to sulfation and dryout in lead acid batteries – two common points of battery failure that are leading indicators of battery health. This analytical capability has previously only been possible with the use of expensive benchtop test equipment used by battery experts. Continuous Power Africa’s advanced diagnostic capability is unique in the market.

Battery restoration equipment

Battery Rejuvenation

Battery rejuvenation and charger systems are used for the rapid elimination of sulfation buildup in lead acid batteries. Using high-current and low-frequency restoration method both conditions and charges batteries ranging from 2 to 48 volts. When used in combination with CELScan™ electrochemical analysis, Continuous Power Africa can accurately monitor both the removal of reversible sulfation buildup and the overall health of your battery system.

RMS Controllers

SAM Family of RMS Controllers

The SAM main control unit consists of multiple pluggable and interconnected PCB modules all performing a specific function allowing the user to configure to their exact requirements in alarm monitoring, analogue signal monitoring, power monitoring and management, battery monitoring and management, hybrid control, access control, fuel monitoring, generator tracking, etc. Please contact us for more information on a SAM tailored to your needs.

AC Load Meter

AC Load Meter

The AC load meter accurately measures the true RMS levels of up to 6 load currents and all three supply phase voltages. Further statistical logs are also accumulated in the onboard memory -- averages, energy consumption and the run time of these. All are remotely resettable.

  • RS485 serial port, MODBUS communication protocol compliant
  • Fully configurable via RS485 communication port
  • Remote firmware upgrade when connected to operational multi-drop MODBUS port
  • Separate remote configurable mains [and?] over/under-voltage alarm output


  • CT (Inala) are interchangeable between the input ports -- recalibration not required
  • Integrated surge protection
  • Intended use is 3-Phase supplied operation, however loss of 1 or 2 phases will have no impact on the readings as long as 1 phase exceeds 78Vac
Aircraft Warning Light Sensor

Aircraft Warning Light Sensor

The Inala controller sub-system makes use of an independent AC/DC aircraft warning light monitoring unit to accurately detect any failures with regards to the aircraft warning lights. The purpose of the unit is to detect the presence, absence or reduction of current being drawn by the aircraft warning lights. The unit supports: LED lights, power saving globes and incandescent globes. The unit is calibrated on installation for the amount of current being drawn and has to be calibrated when lights are on.

Alarm Extension Modules

The 3 module variants include:

16-Input Module

Makes provision for 16 analog inputs each capable of measuring voltage values 0 to 60Vdc, a 1-Wire bus master for 16 externally connected digital temperature sensors and 2 humidity sensors.

8-Input/Output Module

Makes provision for 8 analog inputs each capable of measuring voltage values 0 to 60Vdc, 8 isolated digital outputs plus a 1-Wire bus master for 16 externally connected digital temperature sensors and 2 humidity sensors.

16-Output Module

Makes provision for 16 isolated digital outputs. The modules all support multiple MODBUS registers that cater for various measured parameters, monitored alarm states and configuration.

Please enquire for details regarding configuration required.

DC Digital Power Probes

DC Digital Power Probes

400A DPP
200A & 150A DPP

Typical applications:

  • Site battery charge/discharge current monitoring
  • Solar power supply monitor
  • Tenant DC load power monitor

Three devices for integrated current, voltage and power consumption measurement in 3 compact packages. Product details available on request.

Signal Converter Unit and High Voltage Surge Protection Unit

RS232/RS485 Signal Converter Unit / High Voltage Surge Protection

The unit caters for 2 ports -- both ports provide surge protection for either RS232 or RS485 an dport 2 includes an option to electrically convert between RS232 & RS485 signal levels. Four jumper links provide the option to bypass the RS232/RS485 signal converter circuitry.

The surge protection unit has been designed in accordance with the ITU K.21 recommendation to provide equipment resistibility to over-voltages and over-current surges occurring on RS232 and RS485 ports connected to long exposed transmission cables.

The unit caters for two electrically isolated ports:

Port 1: RS485 with 12Vdc feed for peripheral devices such as a fuel probe.

Port 2: R232/RS485 converter with surge protection on RS485 side, with the option to bypass the signal converter, thus effectively providing surge protection for either a RS232 or RS485 port

The unit provides both transverse and longitudinal protection incorporating a 3-stage coordinated protection scheme consisting of:

  • A triple path gas discharge tube to absorb high surge current
  • TBU MOSFET current and voltage limiting devices and
  • Bidirectional trans orb devices to clamp the output surge impulses.