Engineering & Design

Continuous Power Africa carries out engineering, design, fabrication, control and monitoring of weak-grid and off-grid telecommunication power systems. These hybrid power systems consist of solar photovoltaics, lithium-ion battery storage and/or small-scale diesel generators, coupled with monitoring software. Using Tier 1 suppliers and manufacturers, and established logistical and supply chain pipelines, CPA can scale up rapidly while maintaining high quality through standardized configurations.


Renewable-based hybrid power systems designed by Continuous Power Africa, predominantly use lithium-based batteries combined with thermal (diesel) generators and/or solar photovoltaic technology, along with monitoring and control systems. Lithium-based batteries have many advantages over lead-acid batteries systems, including better performance and longevity in hot geographic locations.

CPA’s engineering team optimizes solutions for telecommunications clients, improving performance and reliability.

NOC center concept


Continuous Power Africa is building a NOC for site service monitoring and response to alarms, greatly enhancing capability and efficiency of site management. Analytics enable a level of power profitability beyond the capacity of current systems that rely only on human operations and intuition. CPA is building a technical platform to make resource usage decisions that result in lower overall operating costs for the power block, and significant cost savings for telecommunications clients.

Telcom security container


Beyond a perimeter security fence and systems monitoring, Continuous Power Africa uses hardened security containers as an extra physical deterrent and special site-specific precautions. CPA offers multiple options for security containers based on level of risk at the site.

Ownership & Operation

Continuous Power Africa serves the South African and Sub-Saharan telecommunications markets, providing OPEX leasing solutions of power assets. These hybrid power systems are highly configurable, and purpose suited for each region in which we operate. CPA’s solutions provide significant diesel deferment at these weak-grid and off-grid telecommunication sites, delivering considerable savings to telecommunication carriers, and alleviation of the risk of management of the power system.