Hybrid Power Solutions for the African Telecoms Market

Continuous Power Africa Brands

ABT — Advanced Battery Technologies
GEI — Global Energy Innovations

Telecommunication Hybrid Power Systems

  • Lithium-Ion Battery Storage
  • Solar Photovoltaics
  • Monitoring Systems
  • Security Containers
  • Small-Scale Diesel Generators
  • Improved Site Resiliency
  • Greater Reliability & Uptime
  • Lower Cost of Operation
  • Diesel Reduction

Continuous Power Africa develops and supplies products and solutions that enhance the reliability of telecoms in Africa, helping create a better everyday life for hundreds of millions of Africans.

With its Site Asset Management services and technology, CPA significantly reduces diesel fuel use at weak-grid and off-grid telecommunication sites, delivering considerable savings to carriers, and reducing risk through the management of power system hardware and software.

CPA’s services eliminate the cost of early battery replacement — predictive test, recovery, and management solutions ensure that batteries reach their full term of life. CPA provides management, rejuvenation and tracking solutions.

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